What did and didn’t happen this week

This was another week where things happened much slower than they should have. But it looks like I’m over the hump now and things should proceed more smoothly from now on.

First with the insurance policy, it got held up because they didn’t have my business ID number which hadn’t been issued yet because starting a business as a foreigner is a pain in the ass. Anyways, they didn’t tell me this until several days after the forms went in and I was expecting the insurance to be issued. If you’ll recall, I can’t order the equipment from Subway until the insurance is issued.

Anyways, on Thursday I received my business registration certificate from Taipei City, so today I was able to get it into the insurance agent who is now issuing the policy. Once this is done, things should start moving along more quickly, as this has been the hangup for a lot of things so far.

Also this week I got the two authorized vendors for construction/remodeling in to look over the shop and come up with quotes for the remodeling. It’s a bit higher than I had expected, so I’m suffering a little sticker shock right now. The one good thing is the guy that I liked better came in with the lower quote. Need to go back and bargain the price down a bit if I can.

I’d been waiting on my financial adviser to give me the cost basis for some mutual fund sales before doing my US taxes. I got them today and also managed to whip my tax return out quickly through TurboTax Online. It turns out I’m getting a pretty good refund this year. I was expecting to owe a bit.

If you haven’t done your taxes you can get 50% off TurboTax Online through Fidelity. You don’t need to be a Fidelity customer, you just have to give them your name and address and such.

Monday is Tomb Sweeping Day, so this weekend we are going to Tainan to visit the graves of my father-in-law and grandmother-in-law.

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