USB Flash Drive designers

Who are the morons who design USB Flash Drives? I have four of these now, and out of them exactly zero have a place to stick the cap when the drive is in use. One of the caps is already missing, and now I have an extra cap rattling around on my desk because its drive is permanently plugged into my router. And unfortunately the caps are not standardized either, so the missing cap can’t be replaced by the unused cap. Meanwhile, of the dozen or so pens with caps on my desk, exactly ALL of them can store the cap on the butt end of the pen while the pen is in use. Every last one of them.

So here’s two pieces of advice for USB Flash Drive designers: 1) Take your pens out of your drawer and study them carefully. A detailed engineering analysis should give you some ideas on how to make your flash drives be able to store the caps on their butt end when the drive is in use. The pen industry no doubt spent billions of dollars researching how to do this, but you can make use of their hard work for free. 2) You guys all use the same USB connectors, so make your cap fit over the USB connector, and not just fit the random size of your drive’s plastic case. Caps that fit the USB connector will be interchangeable amongst ANY drive.

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